Our commitment is to work together for you, your well-being, and your family reconciliation. So that your family member receives the help he needs at all times.

We pursue that our services are the best for you, agile, pleasant, efficient, human, where you can feel cared for and respected, through friendly treatment and a comfortable environment.


Commitment to Excellence und Innovation The excellence for us is to offer you efficient services, with advanced technological means, with highly qualified professionals, taking care of their security and respecting the environment. We understand innovation as our ability to adapt to organizational changes, from an organizational, technological and research point of view. Our commitment is to face these changes with dynamism and creativity to meet the needs of citizens and the community.

Commitment to Professionals We are committed to a common project where everyone’s ideas, where they share knowledge and learning and education, where research and professional development are within our reach to continue to grow together. For this we work as a team adding value to the organization, helping us to meet our objectives, to reconcile our professional and personal life.

Commitment to Public Health We know that public health is one of the most important achievements of our society, so our multidisciplinary team will be in contact at all times with its head doctor, with this co-ordination we achieve our goal, your well-being.

Commitment to Quality and Environmental Management Al Teu Costat, within its philosophy of work has always bet to provide a service following the highest standards of Quality.

Our Quality Policy describes the commitments assumed by the organization to provide its quality home service, committed to the safety of users and professionals and the environment. The following is the Integrated Quality Policy in case you want to consult it.